Are you a pupil at Walton High in Milton Keynes and interested in Horse Riding?

Then you’ll be excited to hear that we are now home of the Walton High Equestrian Team!

It doesn’t matter if you have your own horse or ride at another riding school (you do not need your own pony to compete), but you must be a pupil at Walton High (either campus)!

The NSEA is the recognised body for equestrianism in schools throughout the UK, providing opportunities for riders to compete for their schools at various levels – from local, to regional grassroots and all the way up to national championships.

Walton High has teamed up with us, to make horse riding less elite and more accessible.

Within the NSEA, Walton High falls into Region 2 (South Central), which includes Bucks, Berks, Surrey, Herts and Greater London.

Competitions are hosted by the schools at various venues throughout the region, and those organised by Walton High will be held at Bryerley Springs. We will aim to hold competitions regularly, to give those without a horse or transport more opportunities to compete.

In order to compete successfully, it is vital that children ride as much as possible and take part in regular training sessions. The training session will take place every week, at Bryerley Springs, and the days and times will vary depending on experience and ability.

If you have your own horse, you must attend at least 3 sessions per term. Those who ride at another riding school should attend training weekly. If you do not ride yet, you can start by joining regular riding lessons at Bryerley Springs.

There is a £20 NSEA membership fee per year per rider, which includes third party liability insurance at competitions.

The cost of the 1-hour training sessions is £12 (plus £5 if you need a pony). The prices for regular riding lessons can be found on the Bryerley Springs website,, and there is a 15% discount on the lesson price for students of Walton High.

Cost of competition entries varies and will be funded by parents, as is the transport of horses to the competitions.

For the Walton High teams to be successful, it is vital that parents are involved and supportive of their children. Parents must be present at competitions and take responsibility for their child and horse.  

We are also asking for parents to be involved in various fundraising projects, such as raising money to hire horse transport when needed. Each parent is expected to volunteer at a competition hosted by Walton High at least once per season.

If you are interested in joining, please speak to Mr.Harris, Grace Matthews (Walnut Tree) or Savannah Cruickshank (Brooklands). Parents who are willing to get involved with the organisation of the team or fundraising please get in touch with Jenny Cruickshank on 07849 902011.

The riders and horses of the Walton High team have already achieved a huge amount in a short space of time and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!